Reports and Updates

Reports and Updates

Correspondence with Sir Nigel Crisp and others Oct-Dec 2005

To Sir Nigel Crisp (NHS Chief Executive) 31.10.2005


Please find attached an e-mail letter (word document) sent to Sir Nigel Crisp regarding “Suspensions/Exclusions & Whistleblowing within the NHS”

The letter, being circulated as per the circulation list on pages 7-8, is asking Sir Nigel – & any other individuals/organizations with influence – to intervene &:

Stop the ‘suspension culture’ & unnecessary suspensions/exclusions of staff.
Stop the damage caused by suspension/exclusion.
Stop unethical suspension/exclusion practice.
Secure competent, statutory management & corporate governance of suspension/exclusion cases.
Provide real protection for those that “blow the whistle” for genuine reasons.
Ensure those who are suspended/excluded are supported.
Hold organisations, teams & individuals to account.
Secure arrangements for further, in-depth & specific research into suspension/exclusion.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (contact details as per page 1 of the letter)

BY E-MAIL                                                                                                   Monday, 31 October 2005                                                

TO:Sir Nigel Crisp (NHS CHIEF EXECUTIVE)Department of Health