Coping with suspension

What we think

Is what we say

Is what we do.

So surviving starts with the battle of our minds.

What state is your mind in?

If we have a whole load of junk there already, it will be particularly difficult to deal with this enormous pressure. This may be the time when we finally decide to stop trying to jam the lid back on the can of proverbial worms (and anyway the lid may now refuse to stay put) and get help.

Available counselling services

Your occupational health department should be able to offer a counselling service. (Their service is completely confidential. I have been informed by some people through the website that their Occupational Health department was not independent and do not provide a confidential service. I am not sure how a person can find this out. Others have told me that their Occupational Health people have been excellent.)

There may be a counsellor at your GP surgery if they have one.

There will also be private practitioners and there may be some volunteer counsellors connected with a local church or similar organisation. (They should have accreditation and be properly supervised.)

If counselling is not for you

  • Maybe there is some negative stuff inside but you feel you can cope with it.
  • Now stop and ask yourself that if you were like a stick of rock (no don’t give up yet – read on!) and there was a word written through you, what would that word be?
  • What is the first word or words or thoughts that come into your mind?
  • If it is a positive word then you are off to a good start. If it is a negative word, or words that are indifferent then you may need to take extra special care of yourself.