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Campaign Against Unnecessary Suspensions and Exclusions in the NHS (UK)


Campaign Co-ordinators: Julie Fagan, Craig Longstaff, Andre Downer, Elsie Gayle (midwifery spokesperson), Dave Williams (Welsh spokesperson) and Kate Wynn (Scottish spokesperson)

CAUSE in Wales

My name is David Williams. I am a nurse practitioner, in the mental health field. I am a lead steward and the vice-chair for RCN Wales I became involved with the Unions and CAUSE after being suspended by the Trust for 10 long months.

The galling part of it all was the police investigated the complaint which took all of 3 weeks and the NMC threw it out, yet the Trust dragged their feet for a further 9 months.

I have worked here for 27 yrs, yet that counted for nothing; it was the usual poor management style with a knee jerk reaction.

I assure you, I will ensure that this bullying, inept behaviour will not be tolerated, and regardless if staff are in the RCN or not, I will do all in my power to stop this.

Even after 4 years, it still makes me angry just talking about it. At the end of the "investigation", I received what they perceived as an apology, and was greeted as a long lost friend.

If I can assist anyone in anyway, do not hesitate in contacting me direct. Regards Dave

Email Dave Williams:

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