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Please let me know of helpful links you have found. An excellent site for people who are victims of bullying at work. It includes information about people with different personality disorders who may bully.; About bullying Support group for victims of bullying set up by survivors of bullying. is an on line facility provided by librarians to answer any questions you may care to ask and they will try to answer. is a project of the Tim Field Foundation. It is full of helpful information including survivor stories and dealing with bullies. He also has information on the Serial Bully at and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at is a tongue in cheek but serious critique of administrators’ cover ups and the like. Amusing and thought provoking. is an independent group of people campaigning against all sorts of dubious corporate happenings. They have an excellent links page with a great variety of organisations listed. Guaranteed to take your mind off your own problems for a short while!

www.freedomtocare This excellent site was set up by Dr Geoffrey Hunt, a university lecturer in ethics, who suffered victimisation when he raised concerns about academic malpractice. There is information specific to various members of public services, advice from solicitors about employers’ ‘implied term of trust and confidence’ , news about the Dignity at Work Bill and much more besides. Story about a consultant suspended for 6 years. About stress (especially work-related stress) & About good employment practices An extensive website to help victims of workplace abuse. Also gives details of some support groups worldwide.  a community legal service that helps people get all sorts of  information about legal rights and how to enforce them. A collection of information about citizen action and resources for campaigning.  (Public Concern at Work) supports whistleblowers with legal advice and information about the best way to whistle blow etc. See their ‘other help’ page for other helpful sources of information. The Legal A-Z is a good insight, especially for anyone taking on their own case.  About depression/suicide (there are many more good websites)

Please send your own favourites. Thanks.

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